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Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy Construction Zone

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If you missed the live show, list to the podcast to hear from Dr. Doug Weiss, Deann talking about our school, Ben from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Logan from D11.  

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New Logo Announcement 

With the launch of Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy in 2017, we are excited to unveil the new logo that will tie our two campuses together and collectively represent Banning Lewis Academy.

This particular new logo design was chosen for a variety of reasons. It incorporates our school’s maroon and gold colors and creatively depicts the letters “B” “L” “R” “P”; a nod to both our Banning Lewis Ranch and Preparatory Academies. The block letters are a collegiate style; they represent strength as well as timelessness. In all, the new school logo captures the identity - the mind, body, and spirit - of Banning Lewis Academy. 

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Ground Breaking Poem

Success is unfortunately a long and difficult climb, 

Not many are fortunate to get it right the first time.  

Your journey will ebb and flow, your purpose you will find,

Like a hot air balloon that dances in the sky.

Your path inevitably changes with the whisper of the wind,

But don’t lose directions, find the fortitude within.

In every school, to every student, there is a special teacher.

From every teacher, to every student, there is a special bond.

With every bond in every moment, there’s a time that we will think,

Our purpose for every child, the bright future that we seek.

Time will pass; seasons will change, on your life you will embark

And transform the unimaginable, your life a work of art.

Remain steadfast in your conviction, and be the best version of you,

Solidify your foundation; stay humble, confident and true.

Here in our community, you will always have a home,

With every failure and success, we’ll claim you as our own.

Release your inhibitions; always reach for the sky,

You’ll never know your greatest potential, if you never try.

Continually define resilience and possess with you forever,

Our wish for strength and triumph for any future endeavor.

Keep with you- our hopes that all your dreams come true,

And remember always these special words we have for each one of you.

Only as high as you reach, you can certainly grow

Only as far as you seek, you can surely go

Only as deep as you look, can you eventually see

Only as much as you dream, YOU CAN POSITIVELY BE.

By Krisell Creager-Lumpkins

Banning Lewis Ranch Academies